The Pagoda or Stupa - a symbol of enlightenment, the state of pure mind, which Buddha has attained.

Stupa emits a powerful stream of beneficent energy, which extends not only to those who are near the Stupa, but also to all surrounding areas. Depending on the strength of a Stupa, its beneficial effects can spread over long distances - up to many hundreds of kilometers. Besides  that Stupa balances environmental and climatic disasters, whether floods, droughts, etc.

Contact with the Stupa leads us to the purification of our imperfections. Our main disadvantages are five defilements or poisons - ignorance, attachment, anger, arrogance and jealousy. Visiting Stupa and making a round of  Cora (multiple ritual circumambulation of Stupa, clockwise) helps to reduce the negative impact of the above-mentioned poisons and come to the path of enlightenment.

Any offerings made at the Stupa have a very beneficial effect, whether it is an offering of light, flowers, aromas, sound (music), etc. No wonder Stupa  is known as ‘Chorten’ in Tibetan language which means  the basis for the offering. By making offerings we establish connection with the enlightened mind of the Buddha, thus bringing ourselves closer to Enlightenment.

 Being involved in the construction and maintenance of the Stupa has a very beneficial effects as the benefit coming from the Stupa applies to all the surrounding areas and a large number of people and other living beings. Therefore, whoever is involved or in any way supports the establishment and operation of such a beneficial object earns great merit, which no doubt, contributes to the rapid purification of negative karma and furtherance to the state of pure mind.

So Stupa is a source of blessing energy which pervades the whole environment, including the nature, people, animals and other being. It purifies the environment and people's minds, bringing about peace and harmony, serenity and joy. All those who come into contact with it gain the potential for happiness and kindness, their attitude and tendencies of the mind are changing, health is improving.

The more there is a contact and the higher is the frequency of visits to Stupa, the greater and faster the positive changes occur. Not only our thinking changes, but the whole life!