On the 14th of May 2016 on the territory of Latvian Peace Pagoda special event took place.

That day was especially favourable for performing healing activities and despite the bad weather over 200 people gathered by the Pagoda – visitors from different Latvian regions, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and France.
In a pleasant and sincere atmosphere everyone could find out more about the history of construction and the purpose of the Peace Pagoda as well as offer candles and flowers to improve the health and well being of themselves, their friends and relatives.

Ontul Rinpoche Ratna RinpocheThe highlight of the celebration was meeting with the highly realized Tibetan Tantric Teacher Ontul Rinpoche and his son Ratna Rinpoche who jointly held the healing Chod ritual – ancient healing practice that helps to eliminate the causes of diseases, helps to cope with various obstacles and pay the karmic debts.

After a truly warm and amicable dinner all guests of the celebration were able to get a taste of the powerful eastern medical practices themselves by reciting the syllables of the healing Sangya Menla mantra. Then Ontul Rinpoche and the son carried out the fire puja that is conductive to restore the connection with the Protectors and Defendors.

Despite the incessant rain, the fire continued to burn until late night, after which Ratna Rinpoche concluded that results of the puja were most favourable.

The final part of the festive evening had music and recreational programme from the Emaho ensemble, fun contests with prizes and fiery dances. In spite of the bad weather atmosphere was warm and bright from the friendly smiles and joyful spirit. The Celebration was success!